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VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1 host with Broadcom bnx2x (in-box driver version 1.54.1.v41.1-1vmw) experiences a loss of network connectivity and a purple diagnostic screen


If you are using VMware ESX or ESXi 4.1 with the Broadcom bnx2x (in-box driver version 1.54.1.v41.1-1vmw), you may experience some of these symptoms:

  • A loss of network connectivity from the host
  • A purple diagnostic screen occurs
  • The bnx2x driver or firmware panics and dumps a backtrace, following these messages in the /var/log/vmkernel(ESX) or /var/log/messages (ESXi) log file:

    Jul 27 23:41:42 vmkernel: 0:00:34:23.762 cpu8:4401)<3>[bnx2x_attn_int_deasserted3:3379(vmnic0)]MC assert!
    Jul 27 23:41:42 vmkernel: 0:00:34:23.762 cpu8:4401)<3>[bnx2x_attn_int_deasserted3:3384(vmnic0)]driver assert
    Jul 27 23:41:42 vmkernel: 0:00:34:23.762 cpu8:4401)<3>[bnx2x_panic_dump:634(vmnic0)]begin crash dump
    Jul 27 23:41:42 vmkernel: 0:00:34:23.762 cpu8:4401)<3>[bnx2x_panic_dump:642(vmnic0)]def_c_idx(1960) def_u_idx(0) def_x_idx(0) def_t_idx(0) def_att_idx(8) attn_state(1) spq_prod_idx(177)
    Jul 27 23:41:42 vmkernel: 0:00:34:23.762 cpu8:4401)<3>[bnx2x_panic_dump:653(vmnic0)]fp0: rx_bd_prod(6e95) rx_bd_cons(97) *rx_bd_cons_sb(6ca6) rx_comp_prod(6f07) rx_comp_cons(6d07) *rx_cons_sb(6d07)
    Jul 27 23:41:42 vmkernel: 0:00:34:23.762 cpu8:4401)<3>[bnx2x_panic_dump:658(vmnic0)] rx_sge_prod(0) last_max_sge(0) fp_u_idx(6b54) *sb_u_idx(6b54)

  • You experience a purple diagnostic screen similar to:

    @BlueScreen: #UD Exception 6 in world 4116:idle20 @ 0x41800fa2c9f4
    1:20:12:30.796 cpu20:4116)Code start: 0x41800f600000 VMK uptime: 1:20:12:30.796
    1:20:12:30.797 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7918:[0x41800fa2c9f4]skb_over_panic@esx:nover+0x5f stack: 0x417f800a7968
    1:20:12:30.797 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7b08:[0x41800fb4f1ed]bnx2x_rx_int@esx:nover+0x107c stack: 0x41000218a1c0
    1:20:12:30.798 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7b48:[0x41800fb61880]bnx2x_poll@esx:nover+0x1cf stack: 0x417f800a7c64
    1:20:12:30.798 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7bc8:[0x41800fa5013a]napi_poll@esx:nover+0x10d stack: 0x417fcfea9378
    1:20:12:30.799 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7c98:[0x41800f6d699b]WorldletBHHandler@vmkernel:nover+0x442 stack: 0x417f800a7de8
    1:20:12:30.799 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7cf8:[0x41800f6062d6]BHCallHandlers@vmkernel:nover+0xc5 stack: 0x10041000240c000
    1:20:12:30.800 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7d38:[0x41800f6065d0]BH_Check@vmkernel:nover+0xcf stack: 0x417f800a7de8
    1:20:12:30.800 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7e48:[0x41800f7cc7c5]CpuSchedIdleLoopInt@vmkernel:nover+0x6c stack: 0x417f800a7e88
    1:20:12:30.801 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7e58:[0x41800f7d28ae]CpuSched_IdleLoop@vmkernel:nover+0x15 stack: 0x14
    1:20:12:30.801 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7e88:[0x41800f632aa7]Init_SlaveIdle@vmkernel:nover+0x11e stack: 0x0
    1:20:12:30.802 cpu20:4116)0x417f800a7fe8:[0x41800f8a3d98]SMPSlaveIdle@vmkernel:nover+0x45f stack: 0x0
    1:20:12:30.813 cpu20:4116)FSbase:0x0 GSbase:0x418045000000 kernelGSbase:0x0
Note: This issue has occurred with, but is not exclusive to HP Proliant and Integrity blade servers with BCM57711E network interfaces.


This issue is resolved in a patch release for ESX/ESXi 4.1. For more information, see:

  • ESX 4.1 – VMware ESX 4.1 Patch ESX410-201011401-BG: Updates vmware-esx-drivers-net-bnx2x (1029394)
  • ESXi 4.1 – VMware ESXi 4.1 Patch ESXi410-201011401-BG: Updates Firmware (1029398)

This issue is also resolved in the asynchronous Broadcom driver release bnx2x 1.60.50.v40.3 and newer. For more information, see VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0 Driver CD for Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM57710, BCM57711, BCM57711E Ethernet Controller andHow to install async drivers on ESX/ESXi 4.x (1032936).

Based on VMware KB 1029368

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