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Mounting and unmounting snapshot volumes in vSphere 5.0


The procedures for mounting and unmounting snapshot volumes using vicfg-volume and esxcli are changed in vSphere 5.0.


To persistent mount a snapshot volume using vicfg-volume and esxcli

  1. Create a new VMFS volume.
  2. Take a snapshot of the new VMFS volume.
  3. Scan the volume.
    # vmkfstools -V
  4. Verify the volume.
    # vicfg-volume -l
  5. Unmount the original volume.
    # esxcli filesystem volume unmount -l
  6. Scan the volume.
    # vmkfstools -V
  7. Perform a persistent mount for the snapshot volume.
    # vicfg-volume -M

To unmount the snapshot and mount the original volume

You unmount the snapshot volume using vicfg-volume and mount the original volume using esxcli.
  1. Unmount the snapshot volume.
    # vicfg-volume -u
    Note: Using this command results in an incorrect failure report. The command does work.
  2. Mount the original volume.
    # esxcli filesystem volume mount -l

Based on VMware KB 2004980

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