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Installing ESXi 5.0 fails on a Cisco Blade B 230


  • An ESXi5 installation fails
  • Installation hangs at the initial DCUI screen, at the SAS_MegaRaid Controller


This issue can occur for any of these reasons:

  • The server has internal disks
  • The Local Disk Policy is incorrect
  • The CD/DVD Drive is incorrectly setup


To resolve this issue, ensure that you have configured your system in accordance with Cisco's recommendations:

  1. Set the local disk policy to No Disk Policy

    Note: This needs to be done through the CISCO UCS (Unified Computing System) manager. For more information about setting the local disk policy, see the Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers VMware Installation Guide .

    Note: The preceding link was correct as of October 15, 2011. If you find the link is broken, provide feedback and a VMware employee will update the link. 

  2. Set the CD/DVD drive as the first device in the boot priority in the BIOS.
  3. Ensure that the media selected is Virtual CD/DVD and not EFI CD/DVD.

Original KB link: 2007747

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