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VMware HA Log is filling up the File System


The VMware High Availability log file located /opt/lgtoaam512/log/rule/vmwareclustermanager.tracereaches 1-2 GB in size.


You must create an additional job in logrotate to control the size of the log.

As user root on the ESX Host:

  1. Backup the /etc/logrotate.conf file.

    cp /etc/logrotate.conf /etc/backup-logrotate.conf

  2. Add the following lines to the end of the /etc/logrotate.conf file:

    /opt/LGTOaam512/log/rule/VMWareClusterManager.trace { rotate 2 daily
    size=200M notifempty compress }

  3. Save the file.

This change keeps the file from growing to large. It works by using the logrotate cron job to backup and compress the old version of the log. It restricts the number of logs to 2. It is done on a daily basis and when the file is not zero size and when the size grows above 200 MegaBytes.


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Based on VMware KB 1003148

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