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Does VMware support NetApp's ReplicatorX in Virtual Environments?


NetApp defines ReplicatorX as:
NetApp ReplicatorX(tm) is heterogeneous replication software that can replicate data and system drives, from physical servers or VMware virtual machines, to a VMware virtual machine target.  Thus, it can replicate in both physical-to-virtual (P2V) and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) configurations.  ReplicatorX can be used for disaster recovery (DR), cloning of production data for development & test, analytics or reporting, and data migration.
Does VMware support running this product in Virtual Machines?


NetApp ReplicatorX(tm) is an IP based application that may run on physical machines as well as virtual machines. The replication is done on the Guest OS' logical volume level and not on the Virtual Disk level.
VMware does not state support for specific applications running in Virtual Machines. Support for such applications is provided by the corresponding software vendor directly to their customers. VMware provides support for the Virtual Machines configuration and operations but such support is not specific to the applications running in them.
Based on VMware KB 1003322

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