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Filenames over 64 characters in ESX Server ISO image may get truncated during content extraction.


When you extract the contents of an ISO image such as esx-3.5.0_Update_1-82663.iso using systems that support theJoliet extensions to the ISO9660 standard some file names are truncated.  The Microsoft Windows operating system does not support Rock Ridge extensions and will encounter this problem when extracting the ISO contents to a directory.
For example, the original filename:
Is truncated and after extraction, the filename is:
Note: This issue does NOT occur in the following scenarios:
  • CD ISO directly mounted to the server (through ILO, DRAC)
  • CD ISO burned to Media  

Root cause:


The problem occurs when extracting the contents of the CD using systems that support the Joliet extensions to the ISO9660 standard in favor of Rock Ridge extensions. The esx-3.5.0_Update_1-82663.iso image is created using bothJoliet and Rock Ridge extensions in order to provide support for long file names on the CD. However, the Joliet extensions have a maximum file length of 64 characters, which causes file names longer than this limit to be truncated.


Burn the ISO image to media or mount the image directly using ILO or DRAC. Alternatively, if the ISO image is extracted using a system with Joliet extensions, the files with truncated file names can be renamed to their original filenames.


Below is a complete listing of files in the ESX Server 3.5 Update 1 CD ISO with over 64 characters:





Based on VMware KB 1005283

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