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Moving a virtual machine between two or more vCenters not sharing network connectivity


This article provides information on moving a virtual machine between two or more vCenters that do not share network connectivity.


Option 1:   Backup and Restore
  1. Backup the virtual machine from the source vCenter.
  2. Copy the backed up virtual machine to media to transport it to the destination vCenter.
  3. Follow the service provider's instructions for restoring the virtual machine to the destination vCenter.  
Option 2: Via a USB device
  1. Mount a USB device to a Windows Machine with the VI client installed. 

    Note: The USB device must be have sufficient space to accommodate the virtual machine that is being moved. 
  2. Open a VI client to the Virtual Center hosting the virtual machine
  3. Export the virtual machine as an OVF template and choose the mounted USB device as the destination location. For more information, see the Virtual Machine Administration Guide.
  4. When the export is complete, mount the USB device to a Windows machine at the destination vCenter.
  5. Open a VI client to the destination vCenter and deploy from the OVF template. For more information, see theVirtual Machine Administration Guide.
  • You can use a physical machine to mount the USB.  However, you can also use a virtual machine.
  • If you present the USB device to the ESX host, you can pass that USB device to a virtual machine as a passthrough device. For more information, see USB support for ESX/ESXi 4.1 (1022290) or the Virtual Machine Administration Guide for details.
  • Once the USB is accessible in the virtual machine, open a VI client from inside the virtual machine to connect to vCenter and follow the above instructions to export the OVF.
  • If you use a virtual machine on the same ESX host and a virtual machine network as the source virtual machine, this may be faster than using a physical machine to export the OVF.

    Based on VMware KB 2010089

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