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Why 247Rack Is Recommended

Only 247Rack can give you most flexible and 100% customizable VMware Solution. We have given our customers the freedom to configure every single part as their choice. Our scalable cloud infrastructure will give you the opportunity to expand your hosting anytime. You can start with any of our smaller hosting plans and grow as you see fit. All equipments of 247rack are of latest technologies and high performance. Servers by top companies like Intel, Dell and HP are used. Storage is run on NetApp Storage systems. Networking is run on Cisco and Enterasys. Softwares from both Microsoft and Linux are used. We won't compromise your IT operations by working with sub-standard equipment.
247Rack Features:
  • Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure
  • Most Secure and Safest Data Storage
  • Equipments of Highest Performance
  • Flexible VMware Solutions
  • Server Consolidation Expertise
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Powerful Network
  • Dedicated Technical Support Team
  • World-Class Datacenters
  • Super fast connectivity
For more information you can have a look on the features of 247Rack in brief.

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