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VMware ESXi 5.0 Patch ESXi500-201204401-BG: Updates tools-light


Release date: April 12, 2012

Patch CategoryBug Fix
Patch SeverityImportant
BuildFor build information see KB 2015460
Host Reboot RequiredNo
Virtual Machine Migration or Shutdown RequiredNo
Affected HardwareN/A
Affected SoftwareN/A
VIBs Includedtools-light
PRs Fixed843838, 847007
Related CVE numbersN/A



Summaries and Symptoms

This patch updates the vShield Endpoint Thin Agent drivers to resolve the following issues:
  • After installation of Thin Agent drivers in vShield Endpoint 5.0 on Windows XP/2003 guests, overall memory usage of the guest virtual machine might increase substantially with all processes consuming higher amounts of memory than usual. This behavior is not observed in Windows Vista and later. It results from a combination of the way the Thin Agent reads a file during its scan and Windows internal behavior.

  • The vShield Endpoint Thin Agent 5.0 might cause a service or the operating system to become unresponsive. This happens because the Thin Agent fails to correctly detect remote named pipe or mailslot connections opened by a software running in a guest virtual machine and instead treats these connections as files. 

Deployment Considerations

To update the vShield Endpoint drivers follow these steps:

  • Install the ESXi patch to update the Tools.
  • Install the updated Tools on the virtual machine.

    Note: A virtual machine reboot is required when you install the updated Tools on the virtual machine.

Based on VMware KB  2015461

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