Dedicated Servers Quick Guide

What is a Dedicated Server? Why bother using a dedicated server over a VPS or Shared Hosting?A dedicated server is a server 100% dedicated to your website/project or business needs. Unlike shared servers, all of the resources are not shared … Read More

Easy Website Creation Software

At 247Rack, we want to help you understand how easy it can be to create online shops, media streaming websites, education. Any kinds of websites you would like to setup install usually have a ready-made template or CMS, aka content … Read More

cPanel 2-Factor Auth Bypass

2-Factor Authentication Bypass hole in WHM cPanel security has been Reported effected WHM resellers. cPanel, a software provider to manage web hosting/websites, has recently patched a security vulnerability that allowed hackers with access to valid credentials to a cPanel account … Read More

Setup Nginx Website Easy Simple Guide

What is needed for a quick Nginx server and website setup? A Dedicated or VPS Server A compatible operating system 247Rack recommends: Centos OS A domain name pointed to the server IP address A test HTML only website (download a … Read More

How to Find Locate Search for Files with Linux

Basic Linux commands for your server or servers. Introduction Many servers admins or hobbyists will usually at some point have an issue trying to find files on the Linux server. This quick guide will learn you how to use the find command. … Read More